Eduardo Bezerra

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"Mike Krivan and Team helped our Finance Leadership Team (FLT) develop a Change Framework that involved almost 60 Senior Finance Leaders across Monsanto’s global Finance Organization in a five-month journey to develop the pillars of our Finance Transformation. Mike and Team’s insights and coaching to the five groups was key to achieve our objective of a pragmatic and feasible plan to be implemented. Their engagement, structured process and drive, since Day One, to get the FLT aligned, select Senior Leaders and implement the Transformation Teams were fundamental to the success of this initiative."

[Former Global Finance Transformation Lead for Monsanto Company]


Barry Caldwell

Former Chief People Officer

"We’ve spent our fair share of time and money on management consultants with mixed results. In the 12 years Bob Marcus has been engaged with our leadership team I can say unequivocally that he’s been worth every minute and every cent. We’ve benefited tremendously from his approach, knowledge, insights, candor, integrity and grace as he’s helped us tackle strategic issues affecting the business.  His Performance Leadership Team approach to identifying and addressing business challenges is ingrained in our organization, and has become integral to our leadership development program. In short, Bob is and remains a valued and trusted partner to me and our organization."


Tony Cervone

Senior Vice President, Global Communications

"Our relationship with Bob and his team was unique from the start. They immersed themselves in our work virtually overnight so we could hit the ground running. They helped us to harness the power of inclusion and to instill ownership across the organization. Most importantly they helped us to understand and embrace the need to drive behavioral change to create a model for sustainable success."


Jeff Childs

Chief Human Resource Officer

"I have known and worked with Bob Marcus for 25 years. The bottom line is that he, along with the highly talented team at Nvolv, will make your business better -- with better performance delivered by better leaders. That has been my personal experience in multiple businesses at very different points along their maturity curves. Every time I work with Bob, I come away thinking differently about the challenge and the opportunity in front of me, which makes me a better leader."


Michael Cloonan

Biotech Executive

"As our industry continues to rapidly evolve, I have valued my partnership with Bob and his team in assessing my leadership philosophy. As a leader, it is important to strike a balance between accelerating performance, building a strong culture and enabling innovation and change. Bob and his team were very thoughtful, practical and insightful in their approach, and by establishing trust quickly I became even more self-aware as a leader. Our partnership reinforced certain core beliefs about leadership including authenticity, transparency and culture fueling performance."


Kelly N. Cook

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & IT Officer

"I’ve worked with Bob and his team for over 10 years. We’ve engaged on a variety of business challenges from competitive encroachment to digital innovation to executive leadership to large scale billion-dollar business transformation. They have brought strategic thought leadership to every single challenge. They approach each opportunity with grace, style, and distinction, which immediately breaks down walls, gets to core issues, and drives a ‘how might we’ approach to problem solving. They build trust. This trust enables honesty which builds collaboration which builds excitement. This excitement turns to passion - passion to ensure our businesses grow and thrive."


Jack Cunningham

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

"I had the pleasure of working with Bob and his team while serving as Vice President of Finance at Express Scripts.  Bob and his team were engaged to help us create a framework to transform our Finance and Operations divisions to operate more efficiently and effectively and to better engage our employees in helping us to define our approach and to execute on our plan.  I was very skeptical of the approach, as were many of my colleagues.  However, we came together as a team and decided that we were going to trust the process, and I am very glad that we did.  Bob’s approach was thoughtful and flexible, and it provided the strategic leadership and coaching and development that we needed in order to get buy in from the broader organization.  The result was a well-defined execution plan and a team of Finance and Operations professionals at various stages of their careers whom were all highly engaged and working toward the most important goals and initiatives that we needed to accomplish in order to grow and support our business.  In addition to this, Bob and members of his team provided me with insights into my personal leadership style and gave me great coaching that has made me a better leader.  Bob was more than simply a consultant.  He really is a trusted advisor and mentor that you can always count on for honest feedback and great advice."


Mary Dillon

Executive Chair

"All leaders believe they need to have the 'right team' in place, but moving from desire to action is often difficult. Bob and his team helped me with a very customized approached to crystalize my leadership philosophy and expectations, ensure that my senior team was aligned, and drive this throughout the organization. We applied our aligned leadership approach to the creation of an enterprise strategy that has driven industry-leading results. I am sure we could not have accomplished what we have at Ulta Beauty if we did not start with this leadership alignment step.

Bob is not a consultant who tells you what to do; nor does he bring a 'cookie cutter' approach. He is truly a thought partner who leverages a wide depth and breadth of knowledge and experience across industries and then helps you apply those lessons to your organization’s needs."


Ken DiPietro

Former Executive Vice President of Human Resources

"Many organizations do a terrific job creating 'strategies' and in some instances retaining people to help create them. Sadly...many of those so-called strategies wind up on someone's desktop as part of the 'we tried that before' compost heap – not because those strategies were poorly thought through but rather the implementation, the 'how do we do it' of those ideas, were not. In my career I have met and worked with a number of consultants and technical resources who have made invaluable contributions to the work and projects they were retained for.  And while that catalogue is the very top I would place Bob Marcus. Bob's knowledge, experiences and expertise culled across a wide span of industries and geography and applied against strategy implementation (and its attendant change management requirements) are without parallel. Working with your team, Bob's genius is knowing how to align and activate the organization to get strategies implemented, successfully. His approach is unique in that he makes the work experiential – influencing your own 'being,' not just your own 'doing,' and getting leadership teams to grow and realize their personal and organizational summits. On a personal level, Bob has been a mentor, coach and terrific learning partner, always pushing me to develop continuously and embrace the discomfort of 'Brutal Truths.'"


Jim Fish

President & Chief Executive Officer

"I've known Bob for a dozen years and I was impressed with his business acumen from Day 1. It was Bob who 10 years ago convinced my predecessor to implement a senior management succession program that ultimately shaped today's senior leadership team. It was Bob who was instrumental in helping me navigate through the minefield of the CEO succession process. And today, Bob is applying his 25+ years of experience to coach me individually, and the entire Waste Management leadership team collectively, in the development and implementation of a cultural change initiative. None of Bob's work with us over the past 12 years has been easy, but Bob's thoughtful, intelligent, strategic approach has put us on the path to success."


Johanna Friedl-Naderer

President Europe, Canada & Partner Markets

"Bob's coaching enabled several key components in our cross-functional leadership team: we started to listen to each other; we tried to walk in each other's shoes; we established trust. Candor and constructive tension arose – a key moment in our journey which I experienced as transformational. The team started to work through real issues – the 'sausage making' had begun! Not easy at the beginning but absolutely paramount in the creation of a high-performing team.

Through our work with Jenny and Bob, we created a healthy team where people perform at their best because they simply enjoy working together – and we built the fundamental ingredients for substantial top-line growth!

This experience will equip us all for the rest of our careers in the most delicate discipline: Building healthy and successful teams!"


Adrian Gottschalk

President & Chief Executive Officer

"Having coached many senior leaders and supported them in business transformations, Bob has a unique perspective on what is needed in the next generation of leaders who must work in a global context in increasingly complex circumstances. Bob is focused on supporting and helping develop authentic leaders who understand that to lead is to listen and empower as much as it is to help articulate the future and direction. Bob’s engagement at a personal level and support for the human behind the leader have made him someone I can count on to understand the leadership challenges I face and someone I trust for advice."


Jeff Grenzer

Training & Development

"I chose to work with Nvolv because I trust and value them; not only do they bring business insights and expertise to the table, they employ a truly remarkable relationship ability that aligns with our cultural values. They energize and enable us to challenge our paradigms and think in a new way that creates a confidence to thrust forward and get results."


Sanjay Gupta

Chief Marketing Officer

"Bob has a remarkable way of understanding not just the individual, but also the critical ingredients needed to make the entire team work well together. He is not only a genuine human being, but his firm grasp of the organization dynamics makes him an invaluable thought partner. I highly recommend Bob and his team to anyone who values real, practical advice in getting the most out of themselves and their team."


Anders Gustafsson

Chief Executive Officer & Director

"For more than a decade and across multiple companies, Bob and his team have been excellent partners in advancing key projects and initiatives. Their collaborative approach has benefitted us in areas such as improving executive speeches, leadership development and alignment as well as getting the most benefit out of larger team meetings. They have consistently helped me and my leadership teams expand our strategic focus and approach to key business communications."


Harriet Harty

Former Executive Vice President of Human Resources

"Bob and his team have been invaluable, trusted thought partners for me and the Allstate executive team for many years. Their ability to provide candid feedback, coaching and counsel in a manner that resonates is superior to their competition. The engagement and expertise of their team is unmatched – they are consistently the first to come to mind when seeking to enhance the effectiveness of our executive team!"


Howard Horn

Chief Financial Officer

"Bob has helped me think through multiple professional and personal transitions. I've come to believe that his most distinctive characteristic is that he truly lives, and loves, his craft: his genuine interest in the success of my organization, my team, and me is palpable in every interaction. Bob and his colleagues are amazing at helping leaders uncover their motivations and challenge their assumptions, which results in better decisions and stronger teams. I am grateful for his support and friendship and will continue to rely on him through all the transitions that lie ahead."


Kevin Johnson

President & Chief Executive Officer

In any leadership journey, there are inflection points when a team must transform in order to reimagine the future. Over the past three years at Starbucks, we successfully navigated the transition from a founder-led to a founder-inspired company. This was a catalyst for the executive leadership team to transform and work together as “one team.” We set a clear vision for the future, embraced a distributed leadership model across the company, empowered leaders to work in new ways, and successfully reimagined our future while staying true to the most important elements of our past: our mission and values. Bob and his team have been a part of this journey since 2018 when they started working with the leadership team and helped facilitate the conversations, planning, and shared experiences that enabled our leadership transformation.


Neale Joseph

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

"Bob and his team worked with me when I was appointed to the regional role at Motorola Solutions. They advised and guided me on how to create clarity, focus and results across complex businesses, geographies and cultures. Bob’s counsel enabled and supported me to align my teams and to focus my efforts, which drove faster and more sustainable results. Bob is a trusted advisor to me."

[Former Vice President, Asia Pacific & Middle East for Motorola Solutions]


Juliann Larimer

President & Chief Executive Officer

"Over the last five years I have had the pleasure to work with Bob and his team on several transformational change projects. The Nvolv team is wicked smart, action-oriented, and empathy-centered in their approach to driving large-scale change. They bring a unique mix of insight, strategy, and execution to every project with a respect for the context of the market, the firm and the people impacted. I strongly recommend Bob and his team as thought partners in any large business challenge you are looking to tackle."


Clint Lautenschleger

Vice President of HR Field Services

"Todd and his team were coaches to a team of leaders – with myself as a member of this team – and it forever changed my perspective on many aspects of leadership, candor and feedback to others. As recently as 6 months ago I used a set of tools Todd taught us years ago to help organize our thoughts and bring clarity to a network of nearly 2,000 stores and over 6,500 employees.  Additionally, Todd has served as a trusted mentor to me for many years…always offering his time and incredible perspective when I most needed it. Todd is truly a world-class coach and someone I respect tremendously."


Chris Lonnett

Vice President – NA Government, Central Region Sales

"Bob and team not only helped our team identify and tackle our top challenges, but their thoughtful process unlocked a human element of interpersonal connections among our staff which have carried on well beyond our program engagement. Those relationships have been a key factor in driving the culture shift that we needed in order to execute our vision."


Kelly Mark

Executive Vice President, Services & Software

"Change is one of the most difficult things any company has to drive. In my years of working with Bob, he is one of the best partners to help a company navigate the change needed to implement new strategies. He and his team engage with clients to guide them through the journey of discovery, debate and decision. In the end, it isn’t a consultant providing advice, it is a team collaboratively coming to a decision with buy-in and support across the team. Bob’s approach engages teams which leads to much greater buy-in and ultimately results."


Mark Moon

Former President

"I started working with Bob Marcus because I had moved into a senior corporate role and I realized that 'what got me here wouldn’t get me there.' He was not like any other consulting firms that I had worked with in the past. He didn’t focus on analysis or solving industry problems but instead focused on improving process, teamwork, prioritization, and decision making. It seems simple but it made a tremendous impact. He and his team made 'us' better. They pushed us to make our own decisions and to do what we knew we needed to do. After 10 years, I continue to work with Bob because I clearly recognize the impact that he made on the growth of my team and myself. I no longer consider him a consultant, but more of a trusted partner and a friend."


John Morris

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

"I have had the benefit of working with Bob and his team for over a decade. They have proven to be insightful partners, forward thinkers, and a team that will drive your organization to have the challenging discussion required to enact change.

The partnership we have had with Bob and his team has been instrumental in helping our organization think through some of the most critical business challenges we have faced. On a personal note, I have sought Bob’s counsel and advice on many occasions. His experience and perspective has helped us to think about leadership in different ways, which is critical in today’s business environment."


Maria Nieradka

Former Senior Vice President Business Development Integration

"Bob and his team helped me transform my Global Supply Chain Extended Leadership Team into a high-performing team. Through a series of workshops, Bob led us to align on strategy, determine short and long-term goals supporting our strategy, and set up a governance model to deliver results as a team. Through Bob’s work, we were able to learn more about each individual on our team and how to become better connected. Years later, we have achieved excellent results and appreciate the value that each of us brings. I have high trust for Bob and enjoy the way he works with his clients."


Tom Okray

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"I must admit that I am not a big fan of consultants. Having said that, Bob Marcus and his team operated much differently and won me over. They didn't present a bunch of recycled PowerPoint charts. Instead, they were transformation thought partners that coached us with proven techniques to drive results. Years after my first interaction with Bob and his team, I still contact him regularly for advice. He has become so much more than a consultant. He is a mentor, trusted confidant, and friend."


Chip Owen


"I can’t believe that it has been almost 15 years since Bob and I did our initial work together. However, as I reflect back on that work, several things are obvious. First, the results that we produced were startling, fundamentally transforming the company and its performance – and that performance has been sustained over time. Not only did we accept the recommendations of the six project teams, most with no modifications, but five of the six recommendations were fully implemented and became a part of the way we did business. Second, the work enabled us to identify and develop the future leaders of the organization, several of whom have gone on to take very senior roles. I learned that in order to build a great organization you have to focus on developing leaders. That focus has allowed me to create sustainable transformation and business results in every organization I have been associated within the last 15 years. Finally, and most importantly for me, the work profoundly altered who I was and am to this day, personally and professionally.  Bob’s coaching made me a better leader. If you want to take your organization and yourself to the next level, start by doing one thing:  hire Bob as your coach."


Larry O’Donnell

Lead Director

"I have known Bob for over 10 years, and he has been a tremendous partner to me. Bob and his team are very effective in asking the right (and sometimes candid and difficult) questions so that our team can have an open and rich dialogue that has always led to a very effective strategic plan to continue to accelerate our business, and keep us aligned and focused on the critical things that will drive our performance. Bob and his team are different from many other consulting firms, in that they truly understand that alignment of our people and executing on the right things are critical to our success."


Gilmore O’Neill

Executive Vice President, R&D & Chief Medical Officer

"The great thing about working with Bob Marcus is nothing is generic. He makes you think seriously about how you can make yourself a better executive and build a better team. After you return to your day job, you hear Bob’s voice reminding you about what you learned so that you continuously apply it. That is what I call successful consulting: enabling your client to find solutions for their business that become embedded in their psyche so that they are continuously applied."


David Prystash

Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

"Bob and his team developed quickly a pragmatic and sustainable framework to facilitate change in several areas which historically had been difficult to achieve improvement. Bob leverages his experience across a variety of clients and industries to diagnose quickly organizational and cultural roadblocks that could derail lasting improvements. On my particular project, we moved from an 'aspiration' to change in culture over a two-year period."


Maha Radhakrishnan, MD

Chief Medical Officer

"I have had the opportunity to work with Bob on a couple of engagements and have highly valued and appreciated my interactions with him and his team while they guided me and other colleagues on topics of leadership and change! He helped keep our interactions very enjoyable while making sure our meetings were focused and effective and made sure we found unique ways to find answers to questions that were top of our minds. Bob brought the interactions during our engagement to a different level by instilling a spirit of thoughtfulness and at the same time emphasizing the need to communicate with radical candor to respectfully challenge decisions and drive to clear results!"


George Scangos

President & Chief Executive Officer

"I have worked with many consultants over the years. I have been inspired by none and disappointed by many. Bob Marcus is the exception. He is a man of great integrity, insight, and compassion. He has had a tremendous impact on me personally and on my organization. I have worked with Bob for a number of years on organization, culture, strategy, and people issues. He is continually thoughtful, insightful, strategic and practical. He quickly analyzes a situation, knows what needs to be done, and is skillful about getting people on board to address the issues that he identified. He has been an incredible help to me personally. As I look back at our years together, the only thing wrong with his advice is that I sometimes didn’t take it. I am now at a new organization and I look forward to continuing to work with Bob to get the most out of our team and to develop a culture that will maximize productivity and ensure our success. On a personal note, I count Bob as a friend and mentor, and I look forward to continuing our work together."


Eric Slusser

Chief Financial Officer

"Bob Marcus and his team facilitated a Strategic Planning process and several Leadership Development events that have truly built the foundation for transformation within my Finance organization. Prior to their engagement, we struggled to find a cohesive process to build our strategy, while also developing our leaders and team members along the way. Their process and partnership enabled us to approve key process, technology, and structure changes in an efficient manner, while also developing our leaders throughout this effort. Bob has been a great partner and has brought a new energy to my entire leadership team."


Paul Steinberg

Senior Vice President of Technology

"I had the opportunity to work with Bob at Motorola Solutions where we engaged him and his team to help improve the collaboration and effectiveness across our executive team. I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently Bob was able to understand us as human beings but more importantly to identify our shared objectives and imperatives. Silos are a fact of life in corporations but by helping us focus on our common goals, he was able to encourage trust and collaboration as well as engender cohesion that made us a more effective leadership team."


Chuck Stevens

Former Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"When we embarked on our Finance transformation over three years ago, we engaged with Bob and his team to help us think about the best approach for execution. All I can say is we would not have made the progress we have made without their support. They provided invaluable insight on how to build alignment and support from the entire team AND a structured process for execution. They were very much part of the journey we have been on from day one. And during that time Bob has become a key counselor and trusted advisor for me. Simply put, we could not have accomplished what we have without Bob and his team on board."


Susan Stith

Vice President

Diversity, Inclusion, Civic Affairs & Foundation

"The name of Bob Marcus’s new venture, Nvolv, speaks volumes about who he is and what he can and will do – focused, intentional, strategic engagement and involvement leading to both personal and organizational transformation.

Bob Marcus is a 'big thinker' and as a result is a master at getting you to do the same. He and his teams bring a new type of consultancy to the table, recognizing that the success of the project will only be achieved when, not if, the individual is successful.

Every journey with Bob starts with trust, collaboration and partnership, all hallmarks of who he is and what he does. With passion, enthusiasm and energy, Bob has made me a better leader, mentor, coach and professional – digging just a little bit deeper to find the root cause of an issue before trying to solve the problem.

Nvolv is the perfect name for this new endeavor because Bob and his team of professionals will be personally invested, committed, and involved in the success of each project, opportunity and challenge and just as importantly, involved in the success of each individual they engage and partner with."


A.G. Sulzberger

Chairman & Publisher

"Bob spent several months working with our leadership team as we wrestled through a number of important strategic questions. He combined a thoughtful process with genuinely useful wisdom. The work paid dividends as we developed a strong, unified path forward."


Mike Terzich

Chief Administrative Officer

"I have had the opportunity to work with Bob Marcus on several occasions over the past few years. Bob and his team helped Zebra to plan and execute two recent Global Leadership Meetings. Bob personally provided great counsel and advice to the Zebra Leadership Team on these initiatives. Not only in the development of the meeting agenda and content, but more importantly, in how we message and conduct the event as a team with added emphasis in the areas of sensitivity to the shadow we create as leaders and the perception that cascades from that view throughout the business. The outcome was two well executed events with tight alignment across all our key staff, resulting in a refined strategic platform along with added focus and improved execution."


Thomas Timko

Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer & Controller

"Over the past several years I have had numerous opportunities to work with Bob and find him to be a passionate, capable and humble leader. He is able to motivate teams to work together to achieve difficult goals. Bob balances being inspirational with challenging the executives to individually reach higher and collaboratively achieve more than they might have imagined possible. He actively listens and encourages diverse thinking which leads to an aligned and shared transformational vision for the organization. Not only is Bob excellent with teams and building a higher functioning, more integrated group, he is also exceptional as a personal coach – you can count on him to give honest and open feedback on your own leadership style and actions. Bob has rolled up his sleeves to help us achieve truly transformational change and establish an operating rhythm that embeds capabilities into our team that will last well after the program ends."


Doug Williams

President & Chief Executive Officer

"Both my past and current interactions with Bob Marcus and his team have been extraordinarily valuable to me personally, and to the teams I’ve been a part of. The sessions focus on aligning a group of top individual performers and creating a cohesive and committed team. Bob is expert at leading management teams through that journey, always pushing to engage in honest and sometimes tough dialog. Bob is a great partner and creates an energizing and positive experience."


Matt Winter

Former President

"I have known and worked with Bob Marcus for over 10 years. He and his team are not your average 'consultants' providing standard advice to businesses. I think of Bob as part of my 'personal Board of Directors' - someone who I can always count on for thoughtful, strategic 'wisdom' when I am confronted with a challenging decision or problem to think through. His guidance is based on superb experience, great insights into personal and organizational behavior, and a value structure and set of ethics that I admire tremendously. I am a better executive and have made better choices because of Bob."


Duane Woods

Chairman Of The Board

"I first worked with Bob and his team during my tenure as a SVP for Waste Management. They were instrumental in helping our senior management team develop and then drive a strategic transformation in our business. Unlike many consultants and coaches, Bob’s approach is to help executives create an open and honest dialogue and an internal process that fosters real engagement in developing bold ideas and solutions to business challenges.

He assists executives in building a path and process that aligns the organization to take action as well as ownership and accountability for real transformative change and results. I have since applied the principles and processes I learned from Bob and his team to successfully lead several other organizations through transformative change. He has helped me become a better leader."


Carlton Yearwood

General Partner

"Over the past twelve years, I have valued the counsel and change management philosophy of Bob Marcus and those individuals with whom he surrounds himself as thought partners. The relationship has opened my eyes to new and greater possibilities in how human capital, through sound engagement practices, can simultaneously transform an organization and develop leaders while continuing to drive performance. Everything about Bob’s theories and methods are transferable to day to day applications."