The rate of change in the world around us continues to accelerate. The practice of leadership has not kept pace.

Leadership must


Nvolv helps leaders & their organizations develop the capability to purposefully evolve & transform

We draw on our 25 years of experience to serve our clients as thought partners, change strategists, executive coaches, and process consultants. We collaborate with our clients to develop effective change strategies and then support them as they lead and manage the transformation process.

Real transformation requires months, often years, to take hold. Our goal is to stay engaged long enough for our clients to build momentum and achieve self-sufficiency—but not longer.

What We Do

Rather than write about ourselves, we asked some of our current and former clients to describe our work, its impact, and what it’s like to collaborate with us.

Because of the nature and intensity of our work, we tend to build meaningful relationships across our client organizations.  The leaders we work with get to know us well, and our connections continue long after the contract ends.

Our CORE Team

We're friends who share a passion.

We believe strongly in the role leaders can play in bringing about positive change within complex systems.

We often deploy teams that include independent consultants, leadership coaches, and former executives. We are grateful to have an incredible network of colleagues who add to our knowledge, experience, capabilities, and fun at work. This valued network is how we ensure Nvolv shows up with the team best suited to the challenge at hand.