Barry Caldwell

Former Chief People Officer

"We’ve spent our fair share of time and money on management consultants with mixed results. In the 12 years Bob Marcus has been engaged with our leadership team I can say unequivocally that he’s been worth every minute and every cent. We’ve benefited tremendously from his approach, knowledge, insights, candor, integrity and grace as he’s helped us tackle strategic issues affecting the business.  His Performance Leadership Team approach to identifying and addressing business challenges is ingrained in our organization, and has become integral to our leadership development program. In short, Bob is and remains a valued and trusted partner to me and our organization."


Jeff Childs

Former Chief Human Resource Officer

"I have known and worked with Bob Marcus for 25 years. The bottom line is that he, along with the highly talented team at Nvolv, will make your business better -- with better performance delivered by better leaders. That has been my personal experience in multiple businesses at very different points along their maturity curves. Every time I work with Bob, I come away thinking differently about the challenge and the opportunity in front of me, which makes me a better leader."


Ken DiPietro

Former Executive Vice President of Human Resources

"Many organizations do a terrific job creating 'strategies' and in some instances retaining people to help create them. Sadly...many of those so-called strategies wind up on someone's desktop as part of the 'we tried that before' compost heap – not because those strategies were poorly thought through but rather the implementation, the 'how do we do it' of those ideas, were not. In my career I have met and worked with a number of consultants and technical resources who have made invaluable contributions to the work and projects they were retained for.  And while that catalogue is the very top I would place Bob Marcus. Bob's knowledge, experiences and expertise culled across a wide span of industries and geography and applied against strategy implementation (and its attendant change management requirements) are without parallel. Working with your team, Bob's genius is knowing how to align and activate the organization to get strategies implemented, successfully. His approach is unique in that he makes the work experiential – influencing your own 'being,' not just your own 'doing,' and getting leadership teams to grow and realize their personal and organizational summits. On a personal level, Bob has been a mentor, coach and terrific learning partner, always pushing me to develop continuously and embrace the discomfort of 'Brutal Truths.'"


Jeff Grenzer

Training & Development

"I chose to work with Nvolv because I trust and value them; not only do they bring business insights and expertise to the table, they employ a truly remarkable relationship ability that aligns with our cultural values. They energize and enable us to challenge our paradigms and think in a new way that creates a confidence to thrust forward and get results."


Harriet Harty

Former Executive Vice President of Human Resources

"Bob and his team have been invaluable, trusted thought partners for me and the Allstate executive team for many years. Their ability to provide candid feedback, coaching and counsel in a manner that resonates is superior to their competition. The engagement and expertise of their team are unmatchedthey are consistently the first to come to mind when seeking to enhance the effectiveness of our executive team!"


Clint Lautenschleger

Vice President of HR Field Services

"Todd and his team were coaches to a team of leaders – with myself as a member of this team – and it forever changed my perspective on many aspects of leadership, candor and feedback to others. As recently as 6 months ago I used a set of tools Todd taught us years ago to help organize our thoughts and bring clarity to a network of nearly 2,000 stores and over 6,500 employees.  Additionally, Todd has served as a trusted mentor to me for many years…always offering his time and incredible perspective when I most needed it. Todd is truly a world-class coach and someone I respect tremendously."


Susan Stith

Vice President

Diversity, Inclusion, Civic Affairs & Foundation

"The name of Bob Marcus’s new venture, Nvolv, speaks volumes about who he is and what he can and will do – focused, intentional, strategic engagement and involvement leading to both personal and organizational transformation.

Bob Marcus is a 'big thinker' and as a result is a master at getting you to do the same. He and his teams bring a new type of consultancy to the table, recognizing that the success of the project will only be achieved when, not if, the individual is successful.

Every journey with Bob starts with trust, collaboration and partnership, all hallmarks of who he is and what he does. With passion, enthusiasm and energy, Bob has made me a better leader, mentor, coach and professional – digging just a little bit deeper to find the root cause of an issue before trying to solve the problem.

Nvolv is the perfect name for this new endeavor because Bob and his team of professionals will be personally invested, committed, and involved in the success of each project, opportunity and challenge and just as importantly, involved in the success of each individual they engage and partner with."


Mike Terzich

Chief Administrative Officer

"I have had the opportunity to work with Bob Marcus on several occasions over the past few years. Bob and his team helped Zebra to plan and execute two recent Global Leadership Meetings. Bob personally provided great counsel and advice to the Zebra Leadership Team on these initiatives. Not only in the development of the meeting agenda and content, but more importantly, in how we message and conduct the event as a team with added emphasis in the areas of sensitivity to the shadow we create as leaders and the perception that cascades from that view throughout the business. The outcome was two well executed events with tight alignment across all our key staff, resulting in a refined strategic platform along with added focus and improved execution."


Carlton Yearwood

General Partner

"Over the past twelve years, I have valued the counsel and change management philosophy of Bob Marcus and those individuals with whom he surrounds himself as thought partners. The relationship has opened my eyes to new and greater possibilities in how human capital, through sound engagement practices, can simultaneously transform an organization and develop leaders while continuing to drive performance. Everything about Bob’s theories and methods are transferable to day to day applications."