Michael Cloonan

Biotech Executive

"As our industry continues to rapidly evolve, I have valued my partnership with Bob and his team in assessing my leadership philosophy. As a leader, it is important to strike a balance between accelerating performance, building a strong culture and enabling innovation and change. Bob and his team were very thoughtful, practical and insightful in their approach, and by establishing trust quickly I became even more self-aware as a leader. Our partnership reinforced certain core beliefs about leadership including authenticity, transparency and culture fueling performance."


Johanna Friedl-Naderer

Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer

"Bob's coaching enabled several key components in our cross-functional leadership team: we started to listen to each other; we tried to walk in each other's shoes; we established trust. Candor and constructive tension arose – a key moment in our journey which I experienced as transformational. The team started to work through real issues – the 'sausage making' had begun! Not easy at the beginning but absolutely paramount in the creation of a high-performing team.

Through our work with Jenny and Bob, we created a healthy team where people perform at their best because they simply enjoy working together – and we built the fundamental ingredients for substantial top-line growth!

This experience will equip us all for the rest of our careers in the most delicate discipline: Building healthy and successful teams!"


Chris Lonnett

Vice President – NA Government, Central Region Sales

"Bob and team not only helped our team identify and tackle our top challenges, but their thoughtful process unlocked a human element of interpersonal connections among our staff which have carried on well beyond our program engagement. Those relationships have been a key factor in driving the culture shift that we needed in order to execute our vision."


Kelly Mark

Executive Vice President, Services & Software

"Change is one of the most difficult things any company has to drive. In my years of working with Bob, he is one of the best partners to help a company navigate the change needed to implement new strategies. He and his team engage with clients to guide them through the journey of discovery, debate and decision. In the end, it isn’t a consultant providing advice, it is a team collaboratively coming to a decision with buy-in and support across the team. Bob’s approach engages teams which leads to much greater buy-in and ultimately results."


John Morris

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

"I have had the benefit of working with Bob and his team for over a decade. They have proven to be insightful partners, forward thinkers, and a team that will drive your organization to have the challenging discussion required to enact change.

The partnership we have had with Bob and his team has been instrumental in helping our organization think through some of the most critical business challenges we have faced. On a personal note, I have sought Bob’s counsel and advice on many occasions. His experience and perspective has helped us to think about leadership in different ways, which is critical in today’s business environment."


Maria Nieradka

Former Senior Vice President Business Development Integration

"Bob and his team helped me transform my Global Supply Chain Extended Leadership Team into a high-performing team. Through a series of workshops, Bob led us to align on strategy, determine short and long-term goals supporting our strategy, and set up a governance model to deliver results as a team. Through Bob’s work, we were able to learn more about each individual on our team and how to become better connected. Years later, we have achieved excellent results and appreciate the value that each of us brings. I have high trust for Bob and enjoy the way he works with his clients."