Gilmore O’Neill

Executive Vice President, R&D & Chief Medical Officer

"The great thing about working with Bob Marcus is nothing is generic. He makes you think seriously about how you can make yourself a better executive and build a better team. After you return to your day job, you hear Bob’s voice reminding you about what you learned so that you continuously apply it. That is what I call successful consulting: enabling your client to find solutions for their business that become embedded in their psyche so that they are continuously applied."


Maha Radhakrishnan, MD

Chief Medical Officer

"I have had the opportunity to work with Bob on a couple of engagements and have highly valued and appreciated my interactions with him and his team while they guided me and other colleagues on topics of leadership and change! He helped keep our interactions very enjoyable while making sure our meetings were focused and effective and made sure we found unique ways to find answers to questions that were top of our minds. Bob brought the interactions during our engagement to a different level by instilling a spirit of thoughtfulness and at the same time emphasizing the need to communicate with radical candor to respectfully challenge decisions and drive to clear results!"


Paul Steinberg

Senior Vice President of Technology

"I had the opportunity to work with Bob at Motorola Solutions where we engaged him and his team to help improve the collaboration and effectiveness across our executive team. I was impressed by how quickly and efficiently Bob was able to understand us as human beings but more importantly to identify our shared objectives and imperatives. Silos are a fact of life in corporations but by helping us focus on our common goals, he was able to encourage trust and collaboration as well as engender cohesion that made us a more effective leadership team."