Ken DiPietro

Former Executive Vice President of Human Resources

"Many organizations do a terrific job creating 'strategies' and in some instances retaining people to help create them. Sadly...many of those so-called strategies wind up on someone's desktop as part of the 'we tried that before' compost heap – not because those strategies were poorly thought through but rather the implementation, the 'how do we do it' of those ideas, were not. In my career I have met and worked with a number of consultants and technical resources who have made invaluable contributions to the work and projects they were retained for.  And while that catalogue is the very top I would place Bob Marcus. Bob's knowledge, experiences and expertise culled across a wide span of industries and geography and applied against strategy implementation (and its attendant change management requirements) are without parallel. Working with your team, Bob's genius is knowing how to align and activate the organization to get strategies implemented, successfully. His approach is unique in that he makes the work experiential – influencing your own 'being,' not just your own 'doing,' and getting leadership teams to grow and realize their personal and organizational summits. On a personal level, Bob has been a mentor, coach and terrific learning partner, always pushing me to develop continuously and embrace the discomfort of 'Brutal Truths.'"

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