Susan Stith

Vice President

Diversity, Inclusion, Civic Affairs & Foundation

"The name of Bob Marcus’s new venture, Nvolv, speaks volumes about who he is and what he can and will do – focused, intentional, strategic engagement and involvement leading to both personal and organizational transformation.

Bob Marcus is a 'big thinker' and as a result is a master at getting you to do the same. He and his teams bring a new type of consultancy to the table, recognizing that the success of the project will only be achieved when, not if, the individual is successful.

Every journey with Bob starts with trust, collaboration and partnership, all hallmarks of who he is and what he does. With passion, enthusiasm and energy, Bob has made me a better leader, mentor, coach and professional – digging just a little bit deeper to find the root cause of an issue before trying to solve the problem.

Nvolv is the perfect name for this new endeavor because Bob and his team of professionals will be personally invested, committed, and involved in the success of each project, opportunity and challenge and just as importantly, involved in the success of each individual they engage and partner with."

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