Maggie Dillon

Chicago, Illinois

Maggie brings a unique understanding of how leadership, teamwork, and social dynamics converge to her work at Nvolv. She regularly taps into these insights to design, lead, and implement programs while providing overall management for her client engagements. Maggie is recognized for her collaborative approach, building meaningful relationships, and finding creative ways to meet client objectives through program design.

Maggie holds a BA in Sociology with a focus on Global Health from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. She has lived in Mumias, Kenya, while working for the Western Organization for People Living with HIV/AIDS (WOPLAH), and spent time in Northern India with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). In addition to her work at Nvolv, Maggie is a certified doula and volunteered in the NICU at the NewYork-Presbyterian hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Maggie and her wife make their home in Chicago, where they enjoy spending time with extended family.

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Best moment of the year (so far)
Marrying my wife in her familial home region of Andalucía, Spain.
Best purchase of this year (so far)
Canon AE-1 Film Camera. I’ve never shot film before this year, and now I am addicted. I love taking portraits—everyone looks better on film.
The place I’ll always call home
Colorado. I lived in Colorado for five years and spent the time exploring the state’s mountains, rivers, and ski towns.
An important moment in my career
I joined Bob and his team after finishing my undergraduate degree in sociology. My friends and family didn’t quite see the connection, but I find ways to apply my formal education to Nvolv’s work every day.
What I most love about my work
Meeting leaders who have a huge impact on their employees, their industries, and the world. It’s fascinating when I get a glimpse into how they think, make decisions, and lead their teams.
I got angry and then inspired to help make change when I read
“Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson.