Kelly N. Cook

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & IT Officer

"I’ve worked with Bob and his team for over 10 years. We’ve engaged on a variety of business challenges from competitive encroachment to digital innovation to executive leadership to large scale billion-dollar business transformation. They have brought strategic thought leadership to every single challenge. They approach each opportunity with grace, style, and distinction, which immediately breaks down walls, gets to core issues, and drives a ‘how might we’ approach to problem solving. They build trust. This trust enables honesty which builds collaboration which builds excitement. This excitement turns to passion - passion to ensure our businesses grow and thrive."


Sanjay Gupta

Chief Marketing Officer

"Bob has a remarkable way of understanding not just the individual, but also the critical ingredients needed to make the entire team work well together. He is not only a genuine human being, but his firm grasp of the organization dynamics makes him an invaluable thought partner. I highly recommend Bob and his team to anyone who values real, practical advice in getting the most out of themselves and their team."