Angela Lis

Seattle, Washington

Angela is an accomplished global HR leader and business executive who brings exceptional knowledge to her client engagements. She most recently served as Chief Partner Officer and Executive Vice President of Starbucks—the world’s largest multinational coffeehouse chain. Angela’s career at Starbucks evolved over twenty-seven years and a variety of roles—starting as a barista—as she grew and developed her business acumen. Other positions held during her tenure include SVP Partner Resources Global Retail, VP Partner Resources, Director Human Resources, Partner Resources Manager, HR Representative, Recruiter, and Store Manager. In addition to Angela’s uncommon HR leadership, her journey provided experience across the areas of Store Development, Channel Development, and Global Supply Chain. Angela is passionate about inclusion, diversity, and equity within an organization. She also believes in leading from both the head and the heart and finding a personal purpose to guide one along the way.

Angela earned a certificate in Strategic Human Resources Management from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. She and her husband have two daughters and call the Seattle area home.